Engineering Research Institute under Plus International Co., Ltd. was established on 1998. Jan. or the purpose of the S/W & H/W development to be able to solve the all problems related with the marine environment.

  We have been performing the widen research connected with the marine environment such as the pollutant disposal and its trajectory prediction which causes the marine pollution. Above of all, we carry out not only the national policy research but also the project of the parties under the government.

  Engineering Research Institute is growing as the Civil Research Institute in the field of the marine environment through the industrial-educational co-operation research with Chosun and Ulsan University as well as our own research.

  We will supply the counterplan to be able to solve the problems related with the marine environment based on the S/W & H/W development at the same time we present the vision for the application of the ocean space and its resources.

  We will do our best to become the marine advanced nation as to preserve the environment for the refresh and lovely life.



S/W H/W Research & Development related with Maine Environment

  - Software for analysing hydro-dynamic systems

* Barge type OSRVs (Oil Spill Recovery Vessels)

*Barge type wave power generating breakwater for small fishing

   port development

* Oil - Fence with high keeping efficiency

* Marine Environment Impact Assessment

* Removal System of Red Tide Phenomenon

* Removal System of Green Tide Phenomenon

* Irrigation Type Oil Skimmer

-수차형 유회수기(Water wheel Type Oil Skimmer)



* R & D center acquired by Ministry of Science & Technology

  Register No : 981116

* Venture enterprises registered by Small and Medium Business

  Administration (research & development investment enterprise)

  Register No : 99123521-165

* Ulsan university Small and Medium Enterprise Research

   Center membership

* Chosun university industrial - educational research association



* Ulsan regional environment technology development center under

the Environment Ministry / City of Ulsan / Ulsan universtity

- Development of ocean pollutant simulator for preservation of ocean ecosystem

* Korean research foundation under the Education Ministry

- Development the multipurpose floating marine incinerating vessels with turtle shape

* Korean Industrial Technology Association under Science and Technology Ministry

- Development of barge type oil recovery system with irrigation type oil skimmer

- Development of red tide removal system to be able to minimize the damage of the fisheries

* Small and Medium Business Administration under Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy

- S/W development to predict of red tide phenomenon affected the fishery